5 Great WordPress Blog Themes for Beginners

26th January. Posted in Uncategorized.

So, it’s the start of a new year and you’ve decided it’s time to start that blog you’ve been thinking about starting for a while. You know you want to power your blog with WordPress as it’s such an awesome platform but you’ve been put off slightly because you’re new to running your own website. Well, fear not. With the many WordPress themes available you’ll have plenty of beginner friendly themes to choose from, so read on.

WordPress is all about simplicity and in theory it should be easy for anyone to start their own blog. However, over the years themes have become ever more complicated and more difficult to get started with. Luckily, there are still some theme authors who stick to the basic principles of WordPress and produce great looking themes that are not overloaded with features.

Here are 5 great themes which are very easy to get started with. These WordPress blog themes have been picked because they have great support and they are easy to set up.


The Publisher WordPress theme is a theme by Array Themes. Array Themes are well known for creating simple, easy to use WordPress themes and you cant go wrong with any of their themes. Publisher is great for writing about almost any topic. It has a nice infinite loading feature and arranges your content in a masonry format.


The Watermark WordPress theme by Array Themes is a perfect blank slate for someone starting off with blogging. The minimal design makes it suitable for pretty much anything but it really shines with lots of image based content.


Forte is a WordPress theme by Themebeans – a well known and experienced theme provider. I’ve used a few Themebeans themes in the past and they are always very easy to use. You can take a look at their online documentation here to give you an idea of how their themes work.


The Uku WordPress theme is made by Elmastudio and it’s very simple but also the most versatile theme in this list. You’ll be able to create different kinds of layouts so you’ll need to make more decisions and take a bit longer on the setup than with the other themes here but it is still very beginner friendly.


Lucienne is a great theme from Themefurnace. It has a minimal design and would work really well blog fashion blogging, recipes or lifestyle blogs.


So there you have it. 5 great options for WordPress beginners to get a blog started quickly. I hope you find this useful and I look forward to hearing about any blog you decide to start this year. Please get in touch and let us know if you decide to use one of these themes for your blog.


  1. I read a small number of blogs and while content is number one for me, a good design is important as I don’t want to read something that looks amateurish. There are some excellent starting themes mentioned here and I think it’s great that a person doesn’t need to be well-versed in web design to make their blog look good. Now, if there was only software for improving content…

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