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    Affiliate marketing is a tough and competitive business, but it can be made much easier using these affiliate marketing tools. 

    We use only premium affiliate marketing tools, which is why we have such a low failure rate when building and selling a successful online business in the affiliate marketing industry.

    Every affiliate marketing tool we promote in this article is one we use to scale our businesses and increase our rankings in search engines.

    While it’s true that many successful affiliate marketers run profitably without most of these tools, you will still need to put a little skin in the game if you want to win and quit your day job.

    Below is the list of our favorite affiliate marketing tools and the pros and cons of using each.

    Top 5 Best Affiliate Marketing Tools

    Cloudways (Affiliate Marketer Top Pick)

    Cloudways is a hosting service many of the top affiliate marketers use now. It’s the top pick for blogs that need a website with the fastest speeds. It’s also stable, accommodating to your personal preferences, and has its CDN, so there is no need to pay for one.



    No matter how high you are on the affiliate totem pole, Cloudways has a plan for all budgets. It will be impossible to go through everything they offer so we can discuss the most important ones.

    • Pick Your Server – You have five premium quality cloud providers to choose from
    • Compatible applications – Any apps you want to use are compatible with this software, and you can add as many as you want. PHP apps are also welcome.
    • First Class Customer Service – On the rare occasion your site is down, you won’t be alone because there is always a customer service agent ready to talk with you.
    • Cloudflare CDN – This CDN is used by most affiliate sites and can help you pass the Core Web Vitals.


    • Premium Level Hosting
    • Numerous servers around the world
    • Simple user interface


    • Slightly more expensive than others
    • End-of-year renewals are high
    • No PHPMyAdmin pre-installed

    GenerateBlocks(Best Website Builder For Affiliate Marketers)


    GenerateBlocks is a light page builder that will help you build a beautiful affiliate site without affecting its speed. This WordPress plugin has an easy-to-understand user interface, is highly customizable, and keeps your site running fast. They also have great affiliate programs. Other affiliate marketing page builders slow down your site, hurting your rankings and making you fail the Core Web Vitals with a low score.


    • 4 Key Gutenberg Blocks – You can add a container, grid, button, or headline. When Gutenberg was released, they knew these improvements were necessary to make the tool more valuable.
    • Extra Customizations – You can change the site’s typography, line spacing, primary colors, and any other tiny details that are important to you.
    • Optimum Performance – A huge advantage when using GenerateBlocks as an affiliate marketing tool is how much faster you can finish your work. It lets you build a quick site and receives a high Core Web Vitals score that will boost your rankings.
    • Responsiveness – Building the most user-friendly site must look good on every screen. Usually, testing is arduous, but GenerateBlocks helps make this process very easy.


    • Light elements from Gutenberg included
    • Highly Customizable according to your preferences
    • Excellent performance


    • Difficult learning curve if you used traditional page builders before

    Surfer SEO (Best Affiliate Marketing Tool for Content)

    Surfer SEO has quickly become one of the best-known tools in the affiliate marketing world. 

    Surfer SEO

    The web app allows you to analyze all the websites on the first page of the keyword you are trying to rank for. Once the analysis is done, you get a thorough blueprint, and after you apply the requested changes, you can update your Google analytics.

    If you love this software after using it, we recommend you promote it with a strong affiliate marketing strategy and ensure you get the correct affiliate link from them.


    • Content Editor – This Will let you put in a keyword you want to use for a particular blog post so you can rank higher in the SERPs. Always do proper keyword research before using this feature.
    • Content Planner – A legitimate affiliate marketing program values high-quality content that serves the user, and this feature will help you do that.
    • Brief Creation – Helps you get articles written faster by giving this to freelancers when outsourcing.
    • SEO Audit – Informs you how your site performs by studying how competitors reached the top positions.
    • Browser Chrome Extension – Connects with your browser when you are working online.


    • Next Level Research
    • It helps you understand user intent easily
    • Top Keyword recommendations for blog posts


    • Expensive (If you have a low budget, use free affiliate marketing software whenever you can)

    WP Rocket

    WP Rocket is the most well-known WordPress cache plug in the affiliate community. The plug-in comes packed with valuable features, and their customer support team is always on standby when you need help or have technical issues.

    WP Rocket helps make your site load faster and improves the visitor’s experience when your server loads. It’s great at caching every page of your website and compressing files to decrease the time it takes for your page to load. If you don’t want to use Cloudflare, they have their CDN you can use with the premium plan.


    • Postpone JS loading and is usable with Cloudflare’s CDN
    • Minifies and concatenates all pages
    • Compatible with E-commerce sites and multilingual compatible
    • Deletes query string away from static resources
    • Optimized database along with Google fonts optimization


    • Setup instructions are easy to follow, which means you don’t need to hire someone
    • Takes less than 5 minutes to install
    • WP Rocket is reliable and has optimized more than 600,000 sites so far


    • It Is expensive at $49 per site, but if you do your research, you can find free alternatives.


    Ahrefs is one of our favorite affiliate marketing tools, and it will be yours, too, if you want to get a lot of traffic from search engines.


    Here are two reasons why we think everyone should use Ahrefs for their affiliate marketing campaigns:

    • More extensive backlink index than Semrush
    • Best keyword research tool on the market


    • Rank Tracker – This helps you keep track of all the keywords you rank for in search engines like Google.
    • Superior Auditing Tool – Conducts a deep dive analysis of your site and competitors.
    • High-End Keyword Research Tool – There are no keyword tools on the market as accurate at the moment.
    • The Number one Crawler and Indexer – All the data you need is in the palm of your hands so you can find places to score backlinks on.


    • Largest data center for marketers in the world
    • Keyword explorer helps you find keywords you never know about before
    • Mostly accurate rank tracking


    • Expensive, and you get charged extra when you go over the limit they assign you.
    • The slight learning curve when getting started

    Summing It Up

    Now you know all the tools you need to build a thriving affiliate site and make it in the competitive world of internet marketing.

    You can go with free affiliate marketing tools if your budget is low, but it will require more time and effort from your end.

    Competitiveness in this industry will continue to increase, so we recommend you get started as soon as possible.

    With the paid affiliate tools we suggested, you can expedite the process and become more successful in half the time. 

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