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    One main obstacle every young business faces is how to keep startup expenses down for as long as they can. While there are some expenses you can’t avoid paying when running a business online, you can still cut some corners regarding operational costs by using the right tools.

    With the proper research, you will find startup tools and guides that help you cut the costs a new business usually incurs. These tools are also excellent for saving everyone time so they can get more done.

    What would your online business look like if you could use marketing tools more efficiently in a few months? Our guide will take you through the nine best startup tools that will increase the chances your business will be a success while keeping stress low.

    9 Best Startup Tools For Online Businesses

    Clarity(Good For Team Collaboration And Advice)

    Clarity is one of the best marketing tools for business advice for you and your sales team. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first attempt at entrepreneurship or if you’re someone who’s had many successful businesses. All advice from the experienced staff at Clarity is actionable and comes from people with real-world business experience.

    clarity app

    The Industry experts you network with come from countries all around the world. Whether you need advice about building customer relationships, finding investors, performing market research, or picking the best project management tools, they have all the answers in detail. Each person you speak with is an expert in a particular field, and you will talk with someone with the skills relevant to your problem.


    Balsamiq is a unique company obsessed with ridding the world of websites with horrible user interfaces that turn off customers. The founders and their talented developers built an easy-to-use wireframing software that non-technical business owners, accountants, supervisors, and digital agencies can use.


    This will be one of your most critical startup tools in the beginning stages. Their member’s area has an extensive library with tutorials, customer service agents are around to help you update the software when releases are sent out, and you can speak with them via chat or a short phone call. If you like to figure things out independently, their in-depth guides will be more than enough to help you build a site for a successful business.


    • Two projects = $9 for 30 days or $90 if you pay the full year
    • 20 projects = $49 for 30 days or $490 if you pay a full year
    • 200 projects = $199 for 30 days or $1990 if you pay a full year

    Product Hunt

    When you need ideas for a product to launch for one of your small businesses, Product Hunt is the place to go. It’s one of the top tools for startups in the ideation stage, and there are many passionate members to learn from with diverse experiences.

    There are discussions in the groups about customer interactions, future product releases, mobile applications, and any other tech-related topics.

    product hunt

    If you decide what product to sell, everyone helps you from beginning to end as long as you are willing to do the work. The User interface is similar to Reddit since you can vote comments up or down, so the best and most helpful comments get pushed to the top.

    Whether you have a suite of sales tools or a groundbreaking CRM tool, you will have a group of volunteers ready to help and test your product. We guarantee it will increase the chances of success for your business and the good news is that it’s a free tool.

    Pricing: Register for free and get started. After that, you can later try custom pricing for extra features.


    Hootsuite is a social media management platform for startups. It’s used by businesses worldwide because the UI is easy to learn, and the membership plans are not expensive. It’s considered a project management software but has many other features that have nothing to do with managing projects.


    If you have the free plan, you can schedule 30 posts simultaneously with the scheduling tool on any social media account. Even with the free plan, you can track the ROI of any social media campaign you run and check how your potential customers engage with your content. 

    They provide all the statistics startup businesses need by only including necessary key performance indicators. Lastly, you can connect up to two RSS feeds to the Hootsuite account and other apps like Dropbox, YouTube, and MailChimp(A popular email marketing tool). You must register for this startup tool as soon as you are open for business.


    Mangools makes the best SEO tools on the market 5 of them, including KWfinder, SerpWatcher, LinkMiner, SiteProfiler, and SerpChecker. Each tool will enhance productivity and help you build a strong SEO campaign for yourself or your customers. You can use other Google tools for free, like google analytics, but they don’t come close to the premium software Mangools makes for search engine optimization.

    With Mangools, you will always have a business idea on deck, write one blog post every week that engages readers, study how the competition is doing with analytics tools, and always know where you rank with an accurate keyword ranker.

    CRM by Hubspot for Startups

    CRM by Hubspot for Startups

    Hubspot is one of the best CRM Tools because the software is free for most people and allows you to create better customer relationships, which equals more sales. There are other tools you can buy in the CRM space, but none compare to the free forever plan you get and a successful email marketing campaign that is easier to conduct since you have all customer information ready in one place. Try this project management tool for free, and it will change your life.


    Foundersuite is an excellent tool for startup companies that want to raise money for projects they have in the works. Their UI is simple and easy to use, with drag-and-drop features other competitors don’t have. It also has an investor updater tool that lets you know who sends you money to fund your business so you can learn more about them.

    Some features include pitch decks to send email marketing campaigns and monthly progress reports that let you know how to improve business operations by letting employees manage tasks you don’t have time to handle. We can promise your services online, and products will improve after using this platform because the customer support tools are game changers.


    Canva is like a cheaper version of Photoshop that many businesses on low budgets use as an online logo maker tool. When it comes to design and graphics, it’s one of the best productivity tools for creatives, and when you have a problem, the communication tools on the platform allow you to talk with customer service quickly.

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    Intercom Early Stage

    Intercom is an excellent SAAS software for building and scaling a startup in its early stages. It has many tools that you can use to land clients and support them once they are already onboard. It has one of the best video conferencing tools to connect with clients in the industry.

    intercom early stage

    Another feature is the ability to test site conversions by sending unique messages to visitors on the page. Live chats would be available. Once you collect enough emails, you can send out messages when introducing new clients and explaining how you do business. You can follow their movements on your website to study their interests.

    Intercom is not free but worth every penny, and if you want a trial, you can ask them for it, and most of the time, they will gladly offer one. 

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