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    If your dream is to be famous or build a successful business, marketing yourself on Youtube videos is the way to go. Before making videos, the first step is to pick the best YouTube tools that will make the process easier for you. 

    Some of these tools will cost money, and others you can use for free, but they will help expedite the growth of your YouTube channel, save you hours every day, and make your new endeavor more fun.

    This guide will review the top tools for YouTube analytics, YouTube video tools, and YouTube SEO insights. There are so many tools on the market that we could not cover, but we included plenty of second choices just in case you don’t like our initial options.

    Best YouTube Video Tools


    Tubebuddy is a fantastic free browser extension that works on Firefox and Chrome browsers. This extension connects to Youtube and gives you the insights you need to measure channel and video performance. It’s a multi-use tool that you can use for promoting videos and managing multiple youtube accounts to make sure their content marketing is effective.


    When you want to check your video’s position for tracking purposes, you can check on either the Google search engine or YouTube. With Tubebuddy, you can experiment with tags, video titles, descriptions, and YouTube thumbnails. The results of these tests will show you which factors are the ones you should focus on for the success of your YouTube channel.

    Another valuable feature this YouTube tool has is the capability to let you schedule the exact date and time your videos will go live. You can also choose a specific date to have a video deleted from your channel if you decide to make an updated version of it.

    Lastly, you can update more than one video at a time, so if 50 videos need descriptions modified, it’s done with the click of a button.

    Canva (Top Tool for YouTube Creators)

    Canva is the gold standard for YouTube content creators, giving Adobe Photoshop a run for its money. You can use this platform to make one-of-a-kind banners, graphics for social media profiles, video thumbnails, ads, etc. 

    It is user friendly and has a shorter learning curve than Photoshop, with many pre-made designs you can modify according to your needs. The good news is they have a free version, and it’s all you need to complete tasks like taking snapshots of your video and making them look better  with extra text or design elements.


    With an appealing thumbnail, you increase the number of clicks you get to your video and look more professional. The drag-and-drop feature makes the whole process fast and intuitive.

    If you want to try the premium version, it may be worth it if you want to access their massive image and video collection.


    This Youtube tool is perfect for artists who need access to their audience analytics to measure their results and determine how to improve them. The thorough reports give you an idea of the demographics of your viewers and what’s their favorite content, so you only create YouTube videos they prefer to watch.


    Some features VideIQ offers include a keyword ranker, tag management tools, finding the top YouTube users in your industry, reviewing comments made on your videos, and competitor analysis. By downloading the Google Chrome Extension of VidQ free, you will have access to top tags and keywords your competition uses to get more eyeballs to their YouTube channel.

    There are other features that VidIQ offers but are not used as often as the ones above. These include SEO analytics generating data from keywords users search for often, Demographic and gender data for research purposes, traffic data, and engagement statistics on Facebook and YouTube. You should take advantage of these features because you will know your audience better before you publish videos.

    Adobe Premiere Pro (Recommended For a Business YouTube Channel)

    This video editing software lets you make high-quality videos in HD and virtual reality formats. Now the updated version of Adobe Premier Pro comes with Adobe Sensei. It’s a mode that helps you keep the viewers focused on the main content of the video using a new technology called intelligent framing.

    Adobe Premiere Pro

    With your monthly subscription, you also get Premium Rush. It’s all for you when editing your video content. You can do your work from every device you own, including your phone, tablet, and personal computer. When it comes to video editing tools, it’s better than being able to do it all from your smartphone and publishing it on channels like TikTok and Instagram.

    Adobe Premier Pro is compatible with all the other editing applications in the Adobe software line. For example, you can take photos you created in Photoshop and send them over to Premier Pro so you can apply them to videos on your YouTube channels.


    With Camtasia, you can create videos to educate and teach others using screen recordings. The videos make your YouTube studio look professional, and you can use the software for both MAC and Windows. The first step is to shoot the video, and once you are done, you can edit it your way by applying animations and special effects.


    Camtasia lets you add music, and audio clips of people speaking, upload PowerPoint presentations you will use for a course, and is equipped with a voice narration option to do voice-overs while recording or after. One of its best features is that it allows your audience to interact with your video content by taking quizzes after they are done to see how much they remember.

    JTV Digital

    If you are a musician and upload your music videos to Youtube, this tool helps you share them on other platforms like iTunes, Spotify, and Shazam. It depends on your package because some will help share a whole album, while the cheaper packages are for single songs.

    jtv digital

    When signing up, you can publish your music under your legal name and legally own the rights to your songs. If it’s an album, you can pick which songs you want to monetize by applying a content ID to each one. The ID is helpful when you want to know which songs make the most money for you. All royalties minus a fee for JTV Digital go to you.

    We love JTV Digital because their fees are not exploitative and very fair. They only take 1% as the fee for each song you make money on, and 99% goes straight to your bank account. Setting up an account with this platform won’t cost you anything, and you can expect monthly sales reports to track your income.

    Summing It Up

    We created this helpful guide because we know being a content creator is not easy, especially when you are the new kid and don’t have many followers yet. Currently, YouTube gets over 300 hours of video content uploaded to the platform daily, and viewers spend countless hours every day watching them. This trend grows by the day, and within the next five years, there will be close to a 50% yearly growth.

    And now, you have access to every tool a new YouTuber needs to be a success in this very competitive space. Before you use each tool, we suggest you start by using one at a time and experimenting with whatever works for you because not everyone is the same. 

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