Bramble A Simple & Lightweight Portfolio Theme

Bramble is ideal if you want to show off your work using an easy to use, lightweight and well made WordPress theme. There is no clutter with the Bramble theme, just a good theme that shows off work in a simple manner.

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    When you look at the Bramble theme, you wont see anything unique or revolutionary, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you just want a simple portfolio with no hassle. The homepage is clear and focused with sections to show work, team members and blog posts.

    You’ll also get support for WooCommerce which is nice for people who have items to sell along with their portfolio, but if you wanted a theme with plenty of shop options and a leading design, you’d probably be better off finding a theme with more of a focus on that area.

    Bramble does disappoint on it’s blog page designs. The main page is boring an uninspiring but probably find if you only want a bare bones blog or you’re willing to put some time into customising it. The same can be said for the individual article pages. It doesnt seem like much time has been spent on these pages and it’s a shame really because I’m sure most users wanting a portfolio theme would like a nicely designed blog to go along with it.

    All that said, if you want a portfolio theme up and running quickly and your focus will be on the homepage and simple pages to show your work then Bramble would be a good choice.

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