Audio WordPress Themes

Audio WordPress themes specialise in providing a great user experience for people visiting the website of a band or musician. These specialist audio WordPress themes make it easy to add audio clips, videos and images.

Airi A Free Multi-Purpose Theme

Airi is a free multi-purpose WordPress theme with Elementor support from the team at aThemes. Find out if this theme is suitable for you.

Divi Theme Review (Updated 2022) The Leading All in One Theme?

Divi is a well known WordPress theme by the team at Elegant Themes. Elegant Themes have been making great WordPress themes for years and have attracted tens of thousands of customers in this time so you can be sure that you are dealing with a reliable company if you choose to get a copy of Divi.

Ovation WordPress Theme An Easy to Customize, Effective Music Theme

Ovation is a music theme by the team at Audio Theme. It is well designed and perfectly built making it a great choice for any kind of band or musician.

Superstar A Fantastic WordPress Theme for Bands

Superstar is a feature packed, unique WordPress theme that would be a great option for pretty much anyone in the music industry.

Wayfarer A Simple Audio Theme for Singers & Bands

Wayfarer is simple, easy to use and very effective. In fact, it would be hard to find another theme that makes it so easy for singers and bands to set up a theme that does does all the basic so well.

Uncode An Impressive Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Uncode is one of the most popular multipurpose WordPress themes on the market, and it certainly deserves it’s popularity.

Music A Simple Theme for Bands and Musicians

‘Music’ is a simple, traditional looking WordPress theme which has plenty of useful features. This theme comes from the team at Organic Themes – a theme provider well known for their easy to use, bloat free themes.

Weston A High Quality All In One Theme

A popular all in one theme by the team at Themetrust, Weston offers good value for money and plenty of options.