Choosing the Right Colors for Your WordPress Theme

7th April. Posted in Guides.

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    Premium WordPress themes nearly always come with options to allow you to change the color of various parts of the theme including link colors, ascent colors and colors for various elements in the page templates. Whilst this is a great feature, it also allows users to totally mess up the great designs WordPress theme developers put together by choosing bad color schemes!

    Designers from the top WordPress theme shops work hard to get all the details right and the color scheme will be one of the main things they focus on during the design. When someone comes along and purchases their theme, gets excited about making their own changes and then chooses their own color scheme without the same experience and design background as the designer, a beautiful WordPress theme can quickly turn into an ugly mess.

    Avoid this unfortunate situation by using the the following tools to pick the perfect colors for your theme:

    ColorHexa is an awesome tool that lets you explore all kinds of different options for a color you are thinking of trying. You will be shown alternative colors, complimentary colors and different shades of that color which makes it really easy to come up with nice color schemes. You will even be shown a color blindness simulator so you can see how the color you choose could look to someone with color blindness!


    Colour lovers is a great website and it’s been around for a long time. This is a website where ‘colour lovers’ get together to share various color ideas including palettes and patterns. This website makes it really easy to choose a suitable palette for your website because you can search by a wide range of categories and also see what others users like.


    Colorhunt is a bit like a simpler version of Colour Lovers. It has a really simple interface that makes finding nice color schemes very easy. You can see which colors a popular with other users and you’ll be able to scroll down the page and watch as more and more color options appear before your eyes.


    Another really simple tool that makes it easy to find colors hat work really well with modern day design trends. Simply click on the color you like the look of and it will be copied to your clipboard so you can paste it into your theme option field or CSS. Awesome!


    Taking it Further

    These tools should be really handy for helping you choose the right colors for your WordPress theme but it is also a really good idea to learn why a particular color works or does not work. If you’re investing the time to set up a website and you’ve chosen an awesome theme to help then why not spend a little bit of time to learn about color theory in web design? If you’d be interested in learning more and you have the time, check out this great introduction to color theory from Envato:

    An Introduction to Color Theory for Web Designers


    1. Andy, I enjoy designing web pages, but I am plagued by a severe case of colorblindness. It’s always made for questionable color selections, resulting in me using the most basic color schemes to avoid the page looking garish to others. I like the software you mentioned, particularly that of colorhexa.xom I like that it mentions complementary colors, something I think will help me a lot. There are some excellent tips on this site and I appreciate your work.

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