The Core An Incredibly Versatile & Beautiful WordPresss Theme

The Core is an awesome all in one / multipurpose WordPress theme by Themefuse. It’s well worth checking out if you want a well made theme that can be used for practically any purpose.

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    When you look at some all in one themes, quite often you’ll see a main demo example that shows everything the theme is capable of and then a bunch of other demos for different kinds of sites which all look fairly generic and similar. That’s not the case with The Core at all. When you take a look at the example websites you can build with The Core you’ll see over 20 demos of websites that are each perfectly designed.

    The Core has demo websites for corporate, creative, charity, portfolio, medical, blog, shop, food and more. The amount of variety in each demo is very impressive and shows just how hard Themefuse have worked on this theme. There are currently 20 different website demos included with a copy of The Core. Here is a preview of a few of them:


    As you would expect for an all in one WordPress theme, The Core has lots of features. You’ll get a page builder, a demo content importer, multiple slider options, different color schemes to choose from, lots of layout options, typography options, a mega menu option and more.

    The page builder included in the Core WordPres theme is the Unyson page builder. This is a popular and well made drag and drop page builder which allows you to create different layouts. You can set up your columns and insert all kinds of elements such as icons, contact forms, buttons, accordions, testimonials and more.

    The Unyson page builder does not have the same quality as other page builders such as the Divi page builder or Visual Composer but even so, it allows you to create all kinds of impressive elements and gets the job done.

    The Unyson page builder

    The Core has a good range of page templates bundled into the theme. The templates provide ready made layouts in a variety of formats for blog posts, portfolio pages and other important pages such as the about us page.

    One nice feature that you don’t often see in a WordPress theme is the backup module that is included in The Core. The can set up a backup schedule from within the theme and once set up, backups of your website will happen automatically. Great idea!

    Theme Options

    Whilst the page builder allows you to change plenty of things at a page level, there are also options provided to change other important site-wide options such as typography, colors and general layout options.

    These options are provided in a custom options panel. It is easy to use and works well enough but I’d much rather see these options provided in the WordPress customizer which is the recommended way to provide options like this.

    The customizer is used for a few options but it would be great to see all the site-wide options there so you don’t need to go looking at multiple options panels. Using the customizer would also mean that you could see any changes happen in real time, without the need to save, switch tabs and refresh. It also means keeping the code base cleaner and not bundling in extra frameworks that are not needed.


    Themefuse have great support which is often needed for all in one themes due to the sheer amount of options you’ll need to go through. Not only do you get live chat, email and support ticket options but you will also have access to lots of documentation and video tutorials.


    The Core is currently my favourite all in one theme. Although I always recommend buying simple, specialised themes, there is no denying that The Core is great value for money and a very well made theme. Currently, it is selling for only $49. It’s a steal at this price. Actually, it would be a steal at twice the price considering you get 20 high quality themes within The Core, so I’d recommend getting yourself a copy now.

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