Credenza A Versatile Portfolio & Agency WordPress Theme

Fuelthemes have provided another ground breaking theme with Credenza, a Visual Composer powered one page portfolio with the awesome design you expect from Fuelthemes.

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    One page portfolio themes were very popular a few years ago but seem to have died off recently, probably due to Themeforest declining new themes that looked very similar to others. With portfolio themes being one of the most competitive categories on Themeforest it is hard for authors to stand out and create something that justifies being added to the huge list of similar themes, but this is what Fuelthemes managed to do with Credenza.

    Usually, when you look through the demo of a single page portfolio theme you feel like you’ve seen it all before. Many of those themes include the same kinds of elements and seem gimmicky and garish with their stats counters and animate everything as soon as it appears on screen approach. Credenza doesn’t make the same mistakes as so many other themes do but still has everything you’d expect from a single page theme.

    Credenza has a focus on typography and you wont find any gimmicks at all which is why it still looks great whilst so many other single page themes seem tired and dated.

    Credenza makes heavy use of Visial Composer and according to Fuelthemes it’s actually the first theme on Themeforest that utilizes AJAX for Visual Composer powered portfolio and team member pages. This basically means you can load portfolio and team member pages without the browser refreshing which will result in a fast and smooth experience for your visitors.

    It’s clear that Fuelthemes are extremely proficient with Visual Composer so if you are looking for a Visual Composer powered theme you should definitely take a good look at their theme collection.

    Credenza has all the other tools you would expect from a premium theme including a 1 click demo importer, WPML compatibility and built in Google fonts. All in all, this is one of the best single page, Visual Composer powered portfolio themes available.

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