Why do you recommend other themes if you sell themes yourself?

Although we make our own themes, the theme development process is a very slow one and it takes a long time to build a collection of quality themes. The theme marketplace is filled with talented designers and developers and we decided it would be a good idea to help people looking for great themes by promoting other great themes along side our small shop of niche themes.

Why cant I just look on Themeforest for a theme I want?

Well, you can! That’s what most people do and most people choose the same top selling themes as everyone else and miss the awesome themes offered by independent shops that may have a much better option for you. It’s also pretty time consuming and difficult to narrow down your perfect theme from the tens of thousands available on Themeforest. We simply narrow down your search and include options from other sources as well.

What happens after I buy a theme?

You will be sent a link to download the theme. Once you have downloaded it, you will see that you have a folder containing the theme files, including documentation. It’s usually a good idea to review the documentation but if you are confident with setting up themes then get started right away and activate the theme and play around.

How do I make the theme look like the demo?

All themes come with the demo content that will set up the theme quite closely to how it looks in the demo. Placeholder images will be provided in place of the ones shown in the demo for licensing reasons. You will have to tweak a few things, but all this is explained in the documentation. Some themes will also contain a demo importer tool that will import demo content for you. Check this on the theme details page of the theme you are interested in.

What are your themes licensed as?

Themeora themes are licensed under the GPL. This means you are free to use the theme as many times as you like and you can use it for commercial or personal reasons.

If you buy a third party theme based on a recommendation on this website, the theme you buy may have a different licence so please make sure you check this.

What happens if I am stuck setting the theme up?

You should read the documentation first and if you are still stuck, head over to our support page and submit a ticket.

If you have bought a theme from a third party then you should read the documentation that is provided with the theme and then contact the support team of the theme shop that you purchased your theme from if you are still stuck.

How do I update a theme?

First, make a backup of your theme files and database. Then, if you have not customised the theme files directly, you can simply replace the theme directory. If you have customised the theme using the child theme, then you can update the main theme folder by replacing the entire parent theme folder. If you have modified the parent theme files then updating will be trickier and you will have to manually check which files you have updated and replace the themes files whilst checking you are not overriding any changes.

Can you make some alterations to the theme for me?

We do not currently provide customisations to themes on an individual basis but if there is enough interest in a particular feature we may include it in future updates which you will have access to for free.

If you purchase from a third party theme shop, they provide a theme set up service and offer customisation for you for an extra charge. You should check this with the theme shop you purchase from.

Do you only do WordPress themes?

Yes, this website currently only covers WordPress themes although we may look into covering other platforms as the website grows.

How do you decide which themes to recommend here?

We’ve been working with WordPress for over 10 years now and we’ve worked with a LOT of themes during those years. In some cases we have bought these themes ourselves for personal or client projects or we’ve worked with clients who have already chosen a theme. In some cases we come across awesome themes by browsing around and in every case, we recommend themes because they have top notch design, code and support.

Who do you recommend for WordPress hosting?

There are 3 great providers I recommend to most WordPress users – Dreamhost, SiteGround and Bluehost. I’ve written a review about each of them on my post comparing WordPress hosts.