What happens after I buy a theme?

You will be sent a link to download the theme. Once you have downloaded it, you will see that you have a folder containing the theme files. Premium themes include documentation and all themes have a getting started page to show you how to get started. It’s usually a good idea to review the documentation or getting started page but if you are confident with setting up themes then you can get started right away and activate the theme and play around.

How do I make the theme look like the demo?

All themes come with the demo content that will set up the theme quite closely to how it looks in the demo. Placeholder images will be provided in place of the ones shown in the demo for licencing reasons. You will have to tweak a few things, but all this is explained in the documentation.

What are your themes licenced as?

Our themes are licensed under the GPL. This means you are free to use the theme as many times as you like and you can use it for commercial or personal reasons.

What happens if I am stuck setting the theme up?

You should read the documentation first and if you are still stuck, head over to our support page and get in touch.

How do I update a theme?

First, make a backup of your theme files and database. Then, if you have not customised the theme files directly, you can simply replace the theme directory. If you have customised the theme using the child theme, then you can update the main theme folder by replacing the entire parent theme folder.

If you have modified the parent theme files then updating will be trickier and you will have to manually check which files you have updated and replace the themes files whilst checking you are not overriding any changes.

Can you make some alterations to the theme for me?

We do not provide customisations to themes on an individual basis but if there is enough interest in a particular feature we may include it in future updates which you will have access to for free.

What is your refund policy?

As WordPress themes are digital products which can not be returned, we can not issue refunds for the purchases you make on our site.