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1st February. Posted in Uncategorized.

Last week I received an email fro WordPress to inform me that Atwood, our first free WordPress theme has been accepted onto the WordPress theme repository. We were over the moon because we had worked hard on the theme and had waited patiently for months as it went through the review process. Overall, it took about 5 months for the theme to be accepted!

I don’t know if the timeframe to getting a theme approved was typical or not, but we went through 2 sets of reviews before we got the theme accepted. Overall, the process was lengthy but smooth and the reviewers who reviewed Atwood were very helpful and provided good feedback an answered our questions well.

Why Release a Free Theme?

As Themeora will be mainly a commercial theme shop in future, why did we release a free theme at all? There were two main reasons for us:

Improving Our Code

Most commercial WordPress theme shops don’t spend a great deal amount of time worrying about the quality of code. Most themes focus mainly on design and how many features are included. We don’t really like the way of determining the quality of a theme because even the theme with the best looking design out of the box will probably change significantly when users install it and begin to configure it.

That’s why we keep designs simple and make themes that accomplish specific goals, rather than make a ‘one theme fits all’ type of theme. Having a design that moulds itself to any use imaginable doesn’t work very well in the real world and you always end up with tons of things you will never need.

By focusing on quality rather than quantity and making our code meet WordPress’s strict standards, we knew our themes would be built on a solid framework.

Giving back to WordPress

We have been using WordPress and making money from providing WordPress services for years so it felt good to give something away to WordPress users for free. We believe WordPress is the best open source CMS available and by helping provide quality themes for free we will be helping it stay that way.

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  1. Congratulations with getting a theme approved. I know it’s a long process! Looking forward to seeing more in the future.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to provide this theme. I’m using it for my blog about personal finance and I really like it.

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