Ippo A Minimal & Elegant Blog / Magazine Theme

Ippo is an ultra minimal blog theme for WordPress by Themes Kingdom. Themes Kingdom are known for their minimal design style and simple themes, and whilst the design may not suit every type of blog, I’m a big fan of this theme.

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    The thing that makes Ippo stand out is the expert use of negative space and simple typography. It’s the subtle differences that Themes Kingdom use that make the difference between something too generic and clinical to something really nice and unique. Just take a look at the article page for an example. Perfect use of negative space makes the articles feel different, beautiful, uncluttered and easy to read.

    An gorgeous alternative demo version of Ippo

    Themes Kindom provide a number of demos for Ippo and you can see that for such a simple theme it is suprisingly versatile. The theme comes with just enough customisation options to make some useful changes whilst keeping things simple. You can change the number of columns, change color options and select between a few different menu options. There is also a demo data importer to make it even easier to get started.

    I should really mention what great job Themes Kingdom do with the mobile layout on Ippo. Whilst you would never expect a theme to not have responsive functionality these days, Ippo looks perfect on smaller screens and it is a pleasure to use.


    I love Theme Kingdoms work and Ippo is no exception. The very minimal design may not be to everyone’s tastes but if you think it would be suitable for your blog then you need to check Ippo out. It would be perfect for a wide range of projects but especially suited to design, lifestyle and fashion bloggers.

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