Ippo Shop A Beautifully Simple Shop Theme

A fantastic WooCommerce compatible shop theme. Ultra minimal with a simple, contemporary design – Ippo Shop is one of the best shop WordPress shop themes available.

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    If you’re looking for a fresh and clean WordPress shop theme to power your business, this may be the perfect theme for you. The ultra minimal approach used for Ippo Shop wont suit everyone but if a contemporary design suits your business then you’ll love it. A couple of examples I can think of where Ippo Shop would be ideal would be furniture stores (as seen in the demo), art stores, gadgets and fashion stores.

    My favourite feature of Ippo Shop is the slider found in the header of the homepage and the lovely scroll effect as you move down the page. Although I usually hate sliders as they can be cumbersome and annoying, the one in the Ippo Shop demo feels elegant and non invasive. The scroll effect works perfectly with the slider too. As you scroll down the page ‘slides’ over the header and the header fades out at the same time. A perfectly executed and subtle effect!

    Due to it’s minimal nature, Ippo Shop is perfect for anyone with design and development skills who is looking for a theme to build on. There is no heavy handed styling to remove and even the admin area is fresh and clean with no additional options panels to contend with.

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