Julia A Gorgeous Food Blogging Theme

Julia is made by Pixelgrade – one of my favourite WordPress theme providers. Pixelgrade excel at creating unique and functional magazine themes and Julia is one of the best looking themes in their collection.

Review Summary

A fantastic food blog theme with a design that really stands out.
  • Ease of use: 4 stars
    Very easy to set up.
  • Design: 5 stars
    A premium, unique and beautiful design.
  • Support: 5 stars
    Pixelgrade are always very responsive with support requests and work hard to please their customers.
  • Features: 5 stars
    All the features you want from a magazine theme, without the clutter.
  • Overall: 4 stars
    A fantastic food blog theme, but a price tag that may put some people off.

Table of Contents

    The Julia WordPress theme would be perfectly suited for a wide range of different magazine types but Pixelgrade had a specific niche in mind when designing this theme – food blogging.

    Julia has useful features that make it specifically suited to a food blog but before we get to those, let’s talk about the stunning design of Julia.

    The first thing that stood out for me was the clear and well structured layout. The spacing and separation between the various sections are perfect. Each section has a slightly different layout to help show the hierarchy of blog posts and add some variety to the layout with featured articles at the top in a masonry type layout and various other categories neatly displayed below them. Overall, the layout is conventional enough to be easy to use for any user yet unique enough to avoid feeling like so many other magazine themes.

    The typography and use of images are spot on, as Pixelgrade themes always are. Images of food and various recipes really stand out and look great, both on the homepage and the internal pages.

    My favourite part of the design is the single article pages. Pixelgrade has found a way to create interesting and unique article pages full of subtle details to create an amazing result. The article pages have asymmetrical layouts with the featured image displayed to the right of the title (but there is an option for a more traditional full width featured image). Various media within blog posts extend past the text content to add to the asymmetrical layout. Elements like this draw your eye to them and make the design more interesting an engaging. Take a look at the image below to see how amazing these article pages look:

    Being a theme specifically created as a food blog, you’ll also get some nice features that are perfect for showing recipe information to your users. Julia comes with the ability to add ingredients lists, directions, serving, time and difficulty information about recipes as you can see here:

    Julia comes with a nice set of options for monetizing the blog such as a newsletter sign up widget, a sponsored content block and a widget to provide downloadable items like ebooks. These are all great ways to build your audience.

    If you decide to buy the Julia themes, you’ll definitely get an amazing design, but what about other features of the theme?

    Like all of Pixelgrade’s themes, Julia has enough options to make useful tweaks to the theme but it is not loaded with theme options that you are unlikely to use. The key things you can change which will allow enough customization options for most people are colors, fonts, and the homepage appearance. The homepage appearance can be changed using an easy to use widget-based layout which I really like.

    If you ever get stuck setting up the Julia WordPress theme, you’ll be able to check out the well executed documentation which is available from the admin area:


    This is another impressive theme from Pixelgrade and it would be perfect for anyone looking for a premium magazine or food blog theme. The designs Pixelgrade produces are a cut above what you will see from many other theme shops but their pricing reflects this.

    The Julia WordPress theme can be purchased for $75 for a yearly subscription which includes support and updates. There is also a lifetime purchase option for $112 which would give you lifetime updates and support with no yearly fees. This is the option I would choose, although the theme is more expensive than most premium WordPress themes.

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