It’s hard to create good themes that are really unique in the current theme marketplace but Tesla Themes have managed to do just that with Relive – an impressive storytelling theme.

As soon as you look at the Relive demo site you can see that it’s been set up with the travel blogger in mind and it works perfectly for that kid of website. Nice and simple typography and loads of vibrant, engaging imagery makes the theme look great. It’s also really easy to use and very user friendly – something that’s often overlooked with modern themes trying to cram gimmicks and confusing features into themes.

The article pages are obviously very important with a blog theme and Relive has really tried hard to make the layout easy to follow and immerse the user in the content. This mostly works very well but there are a few elements that could be improved such as the related articles or ‘You may also like’ section. This looks cramped and messy on some desktop screen sizes. It would be nice to see this looking for engaging.

I’m also not so sure about the button styling – a border only on the right hand side which becomes a border all the way around the button when you hover over it. I think this would appeal to far more users if it was just kept simple. Sometimes conventions are there for a reason.

Even though there are a few things I’m not a big fan of, design elements can obviously be changed and you may well want to change may parts of the theme anyway – either via the theme options or by editing the files if you have the skills.

If you need a unique blog theme for anything related to travel then this may be the ideal theme for you. Go to the themes homepage to take a look for yourself.

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