Rosa 2 Theme Review A Classy WordPress Restaurant Theme

Rosa 2 is a restaurant WordPress theme by the team at Pixelgrade. This theme is an updated version of the original with extra compatibility for the Gutenberg editor.

Review Summary

A classy, well-designed restaurant WordPress theme that is really easy to set up.

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  • Ease of use: 3 stars
    It helps to be familiar with Gutenberg and you'll need to spend plenty of time setting things up with custom blocks.
  • Design: 5 stars
    Very professional, premium design
  • Support: 5 stars
    Pixelgrade are always very responsive with support requests
  • Features: 5 stars
    Everything you could want in a restaurant theme
  • Overall: 4 stars
    A great restaurant theme but it could do with a quicker way to set things up.

Table of Contents

    Pixelgrade seem to know how to create really good WordPress restaurant themes. Their original version of Rosa 2 was a very successful theme, and their other restaurant theme, Osteria is one of my favorite restaurant themes for WordPress.

    Initial Setup

    When you install the theme, you’ll be prompted to install some required plugins. This is painless enough, even for beginners, but once they are installed there isn’t anything to guide you to the next step, and there is no import option either.

    This means you’ll need to get stuck into the Gutenberg editor and build your pages from scratch using Pixelgrade’s custom blocks (more on this later). This is quite a time-consuming process and it will be even harder for people who are not familiar with Gutenberg.

    The Design

    Pixelgrade always manages to create some of the best designs in the industry and Rosa 2 is no exception.

    The theme has big, bold hero areas with smooth parallax scrolling which gives the website a really nice feel. The typography choice is also spot on. The fonts chosen for the default demo give the site a classy, upmarket feel, but the fonts can easily be changed via the customizer if you wanted a more relaxed, informal feel.

    The page layouts are all very clear and easy to use so users should have no issues finding important information on the website and making reservations.

    There are also some nice animations throughout the theme. They are subtle enough as to not get annoying but fancy enough to give the theme a little extra flair.

    Two essential pages for any restaurant theme are the menu and reservation pages. They both look great in Rosa 2 and they are really easy to edit as well.

    Custom Blocks

    The big difference between this theme and other WordPress restaurant themes is the level of compatibility with the most recent version of the WordPress editor – Gutenburg. This editor has been in place since WordPress 5 and although it has divided the WordPress community, the WordPress team insists that it is here to stay and that it will be a positive move for the platform.

    If you’re already using Gutenburg and you’re looking for a restaurant theme then Rosa 2 may be perfect for you. All the layouts work with the Gutenberg editor so there is no need to use any other page builder, although the theme would be compatible with page builders such as Elementor.

    Just take a look at how great the layouts look inside Gutenberg:

    You’ll also notice in the screenshot above that the theme includes quite a few custom blocks to work inside the Gutenberg editor. You’ll be able to add essential elements such as headers and menus right from the editor.

    Theme Customization

    I love the way the WordPress Customizer is used in Rosa 2. There are some great options that you can change but there is nothing to overwhelm the user as all the layout options can be changed via the Gutenberg editor.

    Inside the Customizer you’ll find some general options including the ability to change the logo as you would expect but Pixelgrade also includes an amazing style manager system which lets you change font combinations and colour schemes really easily. Take a look at how great they look:

    Rosa 2 colour options

    Rosa 2 font options


    Rosa 2 is a great theme. It is rare to see such a well thought out, carefully crafted WordPress theme and you can really see the level of effort Pixelgrade have put into this product. You can currently buy the theme for $75 on a yearly subscription or a one-off fee of $95 for lifetime access which includes all updates and support.

    Themeora visitors can get 15% of Rosa 2 by using this Rosa 2 Discount

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