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    It’s never been easier to monetize your blog using affiliate marketing. There are lots of great affiliate marketing platforms available but the one with the widest reach and one that is easiest to get started with is Amazons own affiliate marketing system – Amazon Associates.

    Never heard of affiliate marketing before? It is a system whereby you promote another companies products or services and you get a commission if the person you send decides to buy that product or service. The commission you get depends on what you are promoting, but on Amazon Associates, you’ll get up to 10%.

    The advantages of using Amazon Associates for your WordPress affiliate blog are simple – the program is very reliable, the range of products you can promote is huge and it is easy to set up.

    One you join Amazon Associates, you’ll have access to plenty of useful tools to help you promote Amazon products such as banners, buttons, widgets and information about promotions. WordPress is the perfect platform for your Amazon Associates affiliate website because there are some really useful plugins to help build your website, as well as WordPress themes specifically made for Amazon affiliate websites.

    Types of WordPress Affiliate Websites

    There are different kind of WordPress affiliate websites. Sometimes, blog owners already have established blogs where the opportunity crops up now and again to promote something that they happen to mention in a blog. This is just how this website works. We write about WordPress products and services. If those products and services have affiliate programs we may include affiliate links to help the blog earn some money. This kind of system works well for everyone – the reader of our blog gets the same product or service that we recommend, we get a small amount to help cover the costs of the blog and the provider of the service gets a new customer.

    There are also more complicated affiliate websites. These websites may set up a WordPress affiliate website with the specific goal of making money by recommending a product or service. They may create an entire website in a specific niche and the website could even look just like a traditional e-commerce website. There’s nothing wrong with this approach as long as the recommendations are honest. These websites will take more time and effort to set up.

    We’ll look into the tools available to help you get started for both kinds of WordPress affiliate websites.

    Simple WordPress Affiliate Websites

    If you have an existing blog or you’re thinking of creating one and you’d like to get involved with the Amazon Associates program by simply linking to the occasional product from your blog posts then you can get started very quickly. Once you have signed up to the program you’ll see a nav bar with the various options available for you to create your affiliate links. Just search for a product you want and create a product link. You’ll see a screen like this where you can copy the code generated and paste it into your blog posts:

    To make this process even easier there is a plugin called Amazon Associates Link Builder. When you use this plugin you’ll be able add links to Amazon products directly from WordPress. The plugin is in Beta at the moment which means there may still be some issues with it but it already has thousands of installations and has worked very well when I tried it out.

    Another plugin I love is called Amazon Link Engine. This plugin allows you to automatically send visitors to the correct Amazon store based on their location. This is great because if your blog has visitors from various countries you wont want to send them all to If they are from the UK you would want to send them to This plugin allows you to set up this kind of functionality in a very simple, hassle free way.

    More Complex WordPress Affiliate Websites

    If you are focused on maximizing revenue through your WordPress affiliate blog and you want more than just simple blog posts containing your affiliate links then there are plenty of options for you that will really help you make money with your WordPress website.

    The first plugin that you may find interesting is called WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates. This plugin lets you import Amazon products into your WooCommerce website and they can look just like normal products in an e-commerce website. The user can’t really tell the products are from Amazon until they click on the buy button and get redirected to Amazon.

    I’ve not used this product myself but from checking out the demos it looks very impressive. Just take a look at this demo to get a feel for what this plugin can do. You could build a very impressive affiliate site using this plugin but I do wonder if the customer experience of being redirected to Amazon when they want to buy would be confusing if they thought they were actually buying the product directly from you.

    Using a plugin like WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates also requires much more knowledge and time to set up so this approach would not be great for beginners unless you are willing to put plenty of time into learning about setting up this plugin as well as WooCommerce.

    A Specific Theme for WordPress & Amazon Affiliate Marketing

    Plugins are not the only way to get your affiliate website up and running. There are also WordPress themes specifically made to promote Amazon products. The best option I’ve seen here is the Amazon Affiliate WordPress Theme. The list of features is very impressive and the websites you can create look great. If you’re creating a website with the specific goal of selling Amazon products then this is well worth checking out.

    I don’t think this solution will be great for beginners because you’ll need to have some knowledge of setting up WordPress, WooCommerce and third party plugins to get it running perfectly but it would certainly be worth investing the time and effort to learn these things. If you’re serious about making money online then you shouldn’t be put off by learning new things anyway. Right?

    Final Thoughts

    The options shown here will help you create an Amazon affiliate website that really stands out. It’s difficult to be successful blogging about Amazon products today due to the sheer amount of competition so setting yourself apart and having a great website is essential if you are serious about this.

    There are plenty of other options out there too, but I’ve stuck to a selection of that I think will be best for most people getting started with Amazon affiliate websites. It’s so easy to get bogged down comparing solutions that many people never even get off the starting blocks! Hopefully this article will give you a head start and I wish you the best of luck with your website.


    1. I have a lot of websites I maintain for hobbies, things such as comic book sites, pro wrestling sites, etc. While I don’t run them to make money, I like the idea of getting a few bucks as an Amazon affiliate. I know from personal experience that Amazon makes it easy to make money and their products are user-friendly. I will check this out and see if it can bring in a few dollars here and there.

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