Silk An Elegant Theme for Fashion Bloggers

Pixelgrade have created another awesome theme with their Silk by combining perfect typography with a high level of attention to detail.

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    At first look, Silk has the same feel as quite a few premium themes aimed at fashion and lifestyle bloggers, but Silk just has an extra level of class about it. I think it’s the subtle details that really make it stand out. Things like the little icons on the left and right animating in as you scroll down, the subscribe box fixing in place to make it stand out as you scroll down and the nice hover effects on various content boxes.

    Its a good job that Silk is such as nice theme because it also has a higher price tag than most WordPress themes. It is currently being sold for $125 which I think is a fair price but its bound to raise the eyebrows of many potential buyers.


    As much as I like the Silk theme, it does have some let downs. Firstly, the slider on the homepage has a left and a right arrow to navigate back and forth and they don’t even appear on certain screen sizes. When on mobile screens they appear, but they are far too close to the main heading making it very easy to click the wrong thing and end up navigating so somewhere you didn’t mean to go.

    There are also some problems with the menu. On desktops the mega menu drop down blends in to the main content way to much, making it unclear and hard to scan. Also if you open and then close the menu on a smaller screen size and then make your browser window wider, the desktop menu has disappeared!

    My final criticism of the theme is the comments section. It basically looks like the comment form has been forgotten about. It doesn’t fit in with the rest of the design at all which is a let down for a theme where comments are likely to be a pretty important feature.


    You don’t get a whole load of features with the Silk theme, which is a good thing in my opinion because it helps keep things focused and simple. You do get different style presets, color options and the ability to change fonts and this is all handled really nicely from the WordPress customizer.


    Although there are a few things I’m disappointed with in the Silk theme, its a great theme and will be perfectly suited to fashion bloggers. You’ll be hard pressed to find an equally well designed theme in this niche, so take a look at the demo and let me know what you think.

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