Solar A Stunning Blog Theme

Solar is another Themes Kingdom WordPress theme which would work perfectly for nearly any kind of blog. As with all Themes Kingdom themes, the design is minimal and gorgeous.

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    Solar is our ode to readability. We’ve spent so much time to make your written content shine. That’s why there aren’t any superfluous effects or unnecessary chrome. Just words that read great on any device.Themes Kingdom

    Readability really is great on Solar. The article page are laid out really well and they are very simple and clear. The comments are also very neat and easy to follow and the sidebar looks great too, whether its placed to the right, or to the left of the content.

    The menu is subtle and minimal and the hover effects feel nice too. There’s also a nice search option in the header with a nify animation when you click it. Unfortunately this is lost of mobile devices and you would need to use the search in the sidebar lower down the page if you needed to do a search on mobile devices. It would be better to add this to the menu on small screens.

    When you look at the homepage on the demo site you’ll see plenty of support for different post types including standard text, blockquotes and videos. I really like the look of the blockquotes as they stand out well and look great. You’ll also see that the homepage has support for infinite loading. Click on the ‘Older Posts’ button and you’ll see a nice animation followed by some more posts being loaded in smoothly without any need for your browser to refresh.

    This is possibly one of Theme Kingdom’s most simple WordPress themes and it’s also been very successful with their users so far. Have a look at the demo and you’ll see why it’s so popular. This is a great choice for any general purpose blog.

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