Hello. Thanks for buying one of our themes. We have writen these guidlines to highlight how our support system works and where the boundaries between support and customisation lie.

We are  happy to provide support for all of our themes, but unfortunately we can’t help you modify or customize your theme beyond that of its advertised features.

Please take a look at the examples below to see how we define theme support and theme customizations.

Examples of Theme Support

  • The theme is broken. I’ve followed the setup guide in the documentation but still can’t get the theme to work.
  • My theme has a bug which is preventing me from using the theme properly.

As you can see, these issues stop the theme working as advertised and need to be fixed.

Examples of Theme Customization

  • How do I change an element to look or function differently than shown in the demo?
  • I would like to change the header slightly, what do I do?
  • I have just installed a plugin which has broken the theme, what do I do.

As you can see, these examples are to do with personal preference. If you would like to build on, or change the current theme then it will need to be customised.

We do not generally provide theme customisations ourselves. Sometimes, if a certain feature is requested enough, we may issue an update which will include the new feature., but this is dependant on how much time we have available and how popular the feature request is.


WordPress makes thousands of plugins available to do just about any function you can think of and unfortunately, not every plugin is compatible with every theme. Because of the huge range of plugins available we can’t support every 3rd party plugin. We do however, try make themes 100% compatible with some of the most popular plugins available. Even though we try to make our themes work with some of the most popular plugins, plugin compatibility is not a support issue. We only provide a guarantee that our themes will work as shown in the demo.