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Our featured theme author for April is Organic Themes – a popular WordPress theme shop founded by David Morgan and Jeff Milone in 2009.

David and Jeff went to school together and created their WordPress theme partnership due to Jeff being dissatisfied with his job in the IT industry. He proposed to Dave that they should start a theme company with Jeff handling development and David taking care of design. The pair ended up moving to Maui in Hawaii and worked hard on an initial offering of 5 themes which took around 6 months to create.

We chose the name ‘Organic Themes’ because we felt it reflected our personal lifestyles, and suited our approach to the design and development of WordPress themesOrganic Themes

David and Jeff also released a free theme which helped build up traction for their new company and things took off quite fast due to their simple, efficient themes. Their initial success was also helped by the fact that the WordPress theme market was not over saturated at this time.

David and Jeff have added a couple of other team members to the squad since those early days. They now have Jesse Lee to help with development and theme customization and they have a support manager – Rebecca Paavola.

Simple, efficient designs are a core part of the Organic Theme approach and the team say this on their website when talking about what they think makes a great WordPress theme:

Organic Themes are professionally designed without excessive flashy effects, gradients, drop shadows and other unnecessary added ‘hormones’ of the design world. In addition, our code is clean, easy to understand, and the theme options are not overwhelming

Organic Themes have a wide range of high quality themes that fit specific niches. They have themes for bloggers, artists, photographers, restaurants and more. All the themes I’ve tried have been easy to set up but I am an experienced WordPress user.

If you do run into any issues, Organic Themes offer support through their support forums. They aim to provide assistance within 48 hours and they operate from 9am to 5pm EST on weekdays. They do provide plenty of documentation and answers to frequently asked questions too. Personally, I’d like to see more support options as I think it would be frustrating for users to wait up to 48 hours for a forum reply to an issue they are having.

Organic Themes price their themes at $69 for a single theme or you can buy access to the theme club for access to all themes for $99 per year. These packages will only allow you to use the theme for a single website. If you wanted more flexibility then you would need the developer package which allows you to use the themes for an unlimited number of websites and you’ll also get a few extras such as design files and theme versions included.

Organic Themes are a great theme provider. We’ve already reviewed a couple of their themes here and we are looking forward to trying out more of their themes in the future. They currently have over 20,000 supported customers which says a lot about the quality they provide.

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