Theme Author of the Month: February

10th February. Posted in Uncategorized.

This months featured WordPress theme provider is Themes Kingdom – an awesome WordPress theme shop operating out of Novi Sad, Serbia.

Themes Kingdom was founded by Zeljko Gudelj and Sinisa Komlenic in 2010. They found success early on even though they started off with just one theme in their collection and membership to their theme club was just $19.

After around one year, Themes Kingdom had grown significantly and they had managed to attract around 20,000 customers! Not bad for a years work.

Making themes was our hobby at first. Turns out people loved them. One thing led to another and now 104.675 people use themes kingdom wordpress themes every day.Themes Kingdom

Over the years the designs provided by Themes Kingdom improved greatly and they increased their prices and re-branded to reflect the quality of their ever expanding theme collection. Currently, they have around 9 themes in the collection and they have retired many of their older themes so that they can focus on their current batch of high quality themes.

Now, Themes Kingdom is one of the main players in the WordPress theme marketplace and I’m definitely a fan. Their themes are very simple and clean but never look boring and generic. There are plenty of other people who share my opinion as well, because according to Themes Kingdom, they now have over 100,000 customers.

Take a look at some of Theme Kingdoms awesome themes below:

Like the sound of Themes Kingdom?
Check out their theme shop…

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