Twenty Seventeen

An incredibly popular and well made free WordPress theme created by the team at Automattic. This is a great theme to get started with.

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    Twenty Seventeen is the new default theme that comes with WordPress as of version 4.7 of WordPress. Twenty Seventeen is a major step up from other default WordPress themes in my opinion and it’s far superior to most of the other free WordPress themes I’ve come across in terms of code quality and design.

    Twenty Seventeen work well with the new features included in WordPress 4.7 such as support for video headers and better control of demo content to make the users setup process far more user friendly. You also get some little icons when editing content via the customizer that show which bits can be edited. A really nice addition from the WordPress team.

    As you’d expect from the WordPress team, the code quality is very high and everything is done by adhering to best practices. This makes it a perfect theme to learn from if you’re a developer and a perfect theme to use as a parent theme if you want to create a custom theme based off Twenty Seventeen.

    Twenty Seventeen is the first default theme to have a business focused design. The design is really simple and clean and it makes a great starting point for a business focused website.

    If you’re looking for something unique then you’ll need to make some changes to Twenty Seventeen because its currently powering over 900,000 other websites! To make the changes you’ll need to tinker with the code yourself because there are not that many options you can change via the customizer but you can add custom CSS via the customizer in WordPress 4.7.

    Overall, Twenty Seventeen is my favourite theme from the WordPress team and it would be a great choice for a business focused website.

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