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Review Summary

VideoPeel is a great way to gather user-generated video reviews. This can really help to promote your products online and boost conversion rates.
  • Ease of use: 5 stars
    Very easy to use. No issues here.
  • Design: 4 stars
    More customisation options would be great.
  • Support: 3 stars
    I've not needed to use their support but there are poor reviews around the web regarding their customer service.
  • Features: 4 stars
    Everything you need to gather video reviews quickly and easily.
  • Overall: 4 stars
    One of the best ways to get user generated video reviews.

Table of Contents

    If you sell anything online then you probably already know about the power of social proof. In this post, I’m going to show you how VideoPeel can make gathering social proof in video format very easy.

    Why Use Video Reviews?

    Seeing other people recommend things can have a huge impact on us. When done right, it creates trust and can it can be one of the best ways to increase conversion rates.

    You’re probably well aware of websites like Trustpilot and Feefo already. They allow you to gather genuine reviews from customers and display them on your website. The results can be quite dramatic in some cases.

    Due to the rise of video content, there is another powerful way to add social proof to your website. Getting reviews from previous customers in video form can be very powerful, and that is exactly what VideoPeel helps you to do.

    As the videos are generated by real users, they will be seen as being more authentic and genuine. These types of videos can be a great way build product awareness, build trust and ultimately, get more sales.

    Who is VideoPeel for?

    Anyone that sells a product or service online could benefit from having customer testimonials in video form. Course creators, e-commerce vendors, service providers, coaches and consultants are just just some of the more obvious users that would benefit from using VideoPeel.

    However, there are some other useful ways to use VideoPeel if you are an employer. You can create employee engagement videos, get employee feedback and even automate your interview process.

    Getting Started

    It only takes a few minutes to set up your account and create your first campaign. VideoPeel also has a handy guided tour to show you exactly what to do when you first sign up.

    You’ll be able to try everything on the platform for 30 days free of charge so you’ll have plenty of time to look around and learn how everything works.

    Once you’ve finished your tour you’ll have your first campaign ready to go.

    A campaign is where you will create questions and prompts to send to people to ask for feedback. You can ask a question and ask for feedback in text, video or via multiple choice.

    You can also capture user information such as name, email address, phone number etc as part of your campaign.

    Here’s how a campaign could look for us here at Themeora asking for feedback for one of our email courses.

    Once you’ve set up your campaign, VideoPeel provides a link to your campaign which you can then send to past customers asking them to provide your review.

    This is what the campaign would look like when it is sent to someone:

    How does VideoPeel Work

    The system is very simple. Once you’ve logged in and created a campaign, VideoPeel will generate a sharable URL for you. You can then send this link to past customers.

    Once your customers see it, they will be able to record a video directly from the link or upload a video that they have already recorded. They can also respond in text form if you add text-based questions to your campaign.

    Once you get some responses you will see them inside the VideoPeel dashboard. You can then use your responses in your marketing campaigns and watch your conversions grow as a result.

    VideoPeel Pricing

    VideoPeel comes with three pricing options – Pro ($69 per month), Premium ($399 per month) and Enterprise (custom pricing).

    As you can see, the pricing is very reasonable with the lowest tier but there is a huge jump in pricing up to the next tier. The extra features in premium don’t seem enough to justify such as huge jump to me but the Pro tier includes everything you need to start collecting video reviews. You can even have unlimited campaigns in the Pro version.

    The main features you miss out on with the cheapest (Pro) tier are custom URL’s, video insights, landing pages, custom landing pages and branded campaigns.

    For bigger companies who want tight control of their brand and have the budget to spare, these features would be nice but most users would not miss them too much.

    If you signed up for the monthly Pro plan, created a campaign and sent the link in bulk to some of your past customers you could generate a selection of video reviews very quickly and cheaply in just one month, meaning that you could just pay for a single month, get your videos and then cancel your plan if you were on a tight budget. Bear in mind that VideoPeel does have a 30-day cancellation policy so you would have to work fast to ensure you were not billed for two months.

    Let’s say you had 100 past customers to send your review request to. If you had a response rate of 5% you could get 5 videos to use in your campaign at just $13 per video. Given the boost to conversions that videos like this can have, that could result in an amazing return on investment.

    VideoPeel Reviews

    VideoPeel is a fairly new product but it is growing in popularity and the reviews around the Internet are very positive.

    Capterra – the leading database of software on the Internet has gathered VideoPeel reviews so far. VideoPeel’s rating is currently 4.8 out of 5.

    These are the positive themes other uses have commented on:

    • It makes it very easy to gather customers reviews in video form
    • Helps businesses connect with and share past customer experiences in a genuine way

    However, there were also some negatives points including:

    • Poor customer service
    • Few customization options
    • Basic analytics
    • Upsells once you’ve signed up
    • 30-day written notice to cancel

    Alternatives to VideoPeel

    I’ve seen a couple of promising VideoPeel alternatives. These are:

    • Vocal Video
    • Billo

    Vocal Video is promising because they are able to take raw footage and turn it into a ‘pro style’ video. This means that they add animations, text overlays and music which makes the videos look great.

    They even have a free version of the service which lets you collect unlimited video responses. You won’t be able to download the videos though and you won’t be able to remove their branding from the videos.

    Their next tier up is the Team tier at $99 per month. For that, you get all the features you need to be able to collect video reviews in a professional manner.

    Billo works slightly differently in that you create a task for users on their app to review your product instead of asking past customers for a review.

    One of the reviews on Billo would then do a video review or unboxing video of your product. This means that you would need to ship the product to them first.

    Billo is a great idea and would suit start-ups without lots of previous customers perfectly. It costs $59 per video for their most basic videos and $89 for their premium quality videos which are more suited to unboxing and longer product showcases.

    Final Thoughts

    VideoPeel is a great service. They are still fairly new and seem to be developing well and gathering positive reviews but they need to address their current issues with customer service and they need to be transparent with their cancellation policy.

    Overall though, I was impressed with how simple the service was and happy with the videos I received. I’ll be using VideoPeel regularly in the future to add user-generated content to my websites.

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