Zerif Lite A Popular and Versatile Free WordPress Theme

Zerif Lite is a very popular WordPress theme by Themeisle with over 100,000 active installs. It has great feedback from users due to it’s ease of use a feature rich admin area.

Zerif Lite has many of the features you’d expect to find on premium themes such as WooCommerce support, parallax effects and animations but the design quality, as you’d expect is nowhere near the level of most premium themes from the top authors. The design feels quite dated by 2017 standards and there is nothing particularity interesting about it which is a shame because with some extra time spent on typography and spacing the design could be really nice.

Don’t get me wrong, the design is fine for a free theme but if you are planning on using Zerif Lite for your website, you’ll probably want to make some changes and spend some time tidying things up to make your website more aesthetically pleasing.

The Admin Area

For me, the main strength of Zerif Lite and the reason I think its such a great theme is the admin area. For a free theme there are loads of options to choose from, all handled by the customizer. Within the customizer you can set the contents for the various sections on the homepage and it is very easy to do, even if you’re a beginner.

Beyond content for the various sections there are not many other options in the free version. There are no typography options and only 1 color option and you’ll need to update to the premium version for more options. Some people criticise the theme authors for asking users to pay for extra options like this but I think it is perfectly fair considering how much time and effort Themeisle have put into this theme. Asking for a small fee for extra options and support seems very reasonable to me.

Unlike many free themes with a premium version, you wont find any hard upsells in Zerif Lite. There is just a simple link in the customizer and some information in themes welcome page explaining the differences between the light version and the pro version.


Zerif Lite is a great theme and deserves it’s spot as one of the most popular free WordPress themes available. Although the design is quite dated by today’s standards if you have the skills to tweak the design yourself, or you don’t mind using the default design then this theme will be a great choice for you.

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